About The Fall

by Acoustic Thoughts

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released January 1, 2013




Acoustic Thoughts Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: Revolution
Revolution seems so difficult now. You only open your eyes to be sleepy. In dreams there are no lies.|Because you wake up in a problem you can’t give up. Because you wake up in a too much dressed life.|Because you wake up in a problem that you can’t give up. Because you wake up and your body is still there.|You look up so that the tears don’t fall. (x4) |Revolution. Revolution it’s an illusion.
Track Name: Not an Idol
Siting and playing at least. What can I say that nobody has said before? No place feels like home? Waiting for my growth, that’s a movie that I have seen previously. I know the better and worse ending.|(1) Sat for you inside my window. You don’t know how I let myself down.|Living an enviable life. So many people value me but I don’t, I forget it always. Present will be past and why do we build our destiny following word by word our masters.|(2) Sat for you inside my window. I forget that I tried hard.|I come onto the stage. Fortunately the lights don’t let me see all your eyes. I don’t want to be judged. I don’t want them doing what I do. Because I am suspicious, I am envious. Because I’m lost in this game.|(1)|(2)|
Track Name: Relieve
Tonight I’m lost! I don’t know what I’m searching for cause I’ll lose it again. Tonight I’m lost! Remembering who I am without any reference.|(1) Building a mirror with pieces of friends. Finding me inside. I don’t understand why I feel more (the) pain and why I need it and need it to create.|(2) This is the difference that makes me dream with a world that never will exist. This is the difference that makes me fight for a better world. |(1)|(2)| Night, tonight lighting me to relieve the pain and preparing for the next… Night, tonight lighting me to relieve the pain and preparing for the next…|(2)|
Track Name: The Fall
(Instrumental theme)
Track Name: Rare
I need to save you in a bottle because I’m afraid that you’ll change.|And you liberate yourself and I can’t deny. A girl decides to grow up and cry alone.|I sink because the floor falls apart and I don’t see where to hold on.|But you do the things you feel. Respect is only what I can give you. I don’t want to be a part of your misfortune. I don’t feel well today. (x4)
Track Name: After the Fall
I woke up crying from a pain of heart. It’s rotting thinking why I’m so down again. Condemned to be me and only me another time.|My tears are blurring me and all my view. I don’t understand I only feel things. When I can see at last I come out from the floor and I see myself reflected in my puddle of tears.|I could melt again on this. I could melt again on this but I prefer to turn and look up, but I prefer to turn and look from where I fall.|Four walls surrounding me, in one of them written “go! the sky is not so far up”. There are a lot of little windows that I reached: some burned. One, two, three…(x3).|This place seems familiar. I was there before fighting for myself.(x2)|And now the problem it’s bigger. I have to climb much more but I’m stronger too.|I could melt again on this.
Track Name: In the woods
You came back to look for me after the storm. When, at last, I leave my den that I made sick and alone. You gave me your back when you didn’t know what to say. You’re cowardly. It’s what hurts me so much. Now you come in like nothing happened and now you want to give me what I needed then.|You stare at me. I don’t understand you. I hate you deep because you dull my senses. I hate you deep because you treat me bad. I’m not waiting for you. I don’t wait for anybody yet.|(1) What’s the matter with this (x3) lie? What’s the matter with this (x3) dream?|You are (a creep) wretched for me. Even though by then I wasn’t convinced at all. I belived in you, I adored you, You amazed me, I envied you, I loved you but not now! But not now! I won’t waste more tears, my heart stops beating for you. I won’t waste more tears, my heart stops.|(1)| That it’s becoming real!|(1)|That it’s becoming real!|(1)|
Track Name: Ticking for me
What´s the “OH!” that you scream when you see this attitude? I’m redesigning what disappeared. Too fast for you? just like you. You feel small against the eyes that are looking at you. You are searching inside the glass doll that wants to play.|Today I know the name of my substitute and I absorbed it surprisingly. This word takes what I lost in: Illusion, Solution, Passion, Game, Freedom. That´s it! Freedom, that´s only it.|(1) What the fuck! You don´t deserve anything from me. What the fuck! I gave you all then. What the fuck! I’ve lived with this emptiness more than eight thousand seven hundred and sixty hours. What the fuck!|And now I let you off.|I don´t know where to run. I’m waiting for the shot that kills me. Stop melting with me and then tear me out of you. |What´s the “OH!” that you scream when you see my attitude? Redesigning what disappeared. The time doesn’t stop for me either! But I forgot it over and over again. Will I give up the new and strange ways that I could take? Take it easy. Don´t be afraid. I can choose how I will feel. It´s simple. First step: I have to respect myself but guard the border too. Don´t step on anybody with my selfishness. But now I’m hearing you whistling repented.|(1)|I will let you off when you become anybody for me.
Track Name: Infront of something too pure
(1) Wait! Wait a moment, I’m gonna stop to think why I don’t move. Stay! Stay just infront of me. I Only need more time to be sure.|I start thinking of the future but I always forget that it never exists.|Stay! Stay just infront of me. I am who is adoring you. I start to feel my emptiness when you are infront of me. Convincing myself that I don’t like you. I’m becoming small as I will disappear.|(2) I need arrogance, (and refuse you) I need to think that it’s my choice. It’s the way I found to pull myself up and be able to stand up infront of you.|I don’t disturb. No risk. Not here. Not me.|(1)|But you are so pure I won’t want it, I wont’t want it. My mind would mess you up. I won’t want it, I won’t want it. Your Light is blinding me. Let me be alone.|(2)| You, don’t you get about (enough) fall? And what it’s you too, too? I can’t understand your walls. But it’s time to get it, you have to get it. Come close to get it, You are the trained. Help me to get it. Fool me to get it. Show me something wrong so I can reject you and go quiet.
Track Name: Losing, emerging
(1) Congratulations for all your glories. It seems that they have covered your skin. Your simple hole is never full and your soul has gone!|I’m wasting the hope to feel the same through the lifting. I wanted to keep it but I need to delete to emerge. The passivity has gotten in me and now will not come out. It doesn’t want, says that doing so is well.|(2) It’s deciding everything for my good, to numb me. I guess I take that because I am not so strong to fight for it yet.|(1)|Things happen equally. New roads. It’s difficult to change without looking at what you lose. Taking freedom was never easy. Only you are the judge of your actions. But this is not the easiest way! The real passivity is to let your old feelings act for you in the present. I did it so many times and finally I have learned.|Change your passivity! (x8)|(2)|(1)|Maybe I’ve already lost. But I don’t think so. I will accept this moment and wait to erase it from me when I can. Maybe I’ve already lost. But I don’t think so. I will accept this moment so I don’t lose my strength in vain. (x2)|Don’t tell me that maybe she is alive, that she is lost like me. Don’t tell me that she still thinks of us. Where is our will?|Hey now! she caused herself the circumstances to be like her friends and can talk about the same things and copy values. Hey now! I’m going to stop writing more songs about you. I invented reasons cause’ I can’t find one. Hey now! she drinks to hide from herself her big fears forgetting all our road. Hey now! we walk alone looking for us in other people. Where are you my love? Where are you my troubled friend?|Congratulations for all your glories.
Track Name: Goodnight Del
The world stays in peace when I’m sleeping on your chest. There is nothing
else but your quiet beat, an increasingly long silence that lets me be free.
Track Name: Brandy wine (Belvedere Cover)
Finally I see your plan and now I’ve come to understand. You should have told me all the lies were true. And that was all so long ago, maybe about a week or so. If the one you’re holding only knew.|(1) Fall back start over, let all the negativity subside. Bad night hung over and everything you said hanging on me.|Hanging on me.|I can’t replace the thought of you, sitting there just like you do, and now you’re sitting close with someone else. I figured out some time ago regardless of the things I know. I’m over it as far as I can tell.|(1)|Had your chance, your time has passed this time I’m not so blinded.